Private Tutoring

Our standard private tutoring package includes 8 90-minute sessions, which we recommend that students spread over 2 consecutive test dates (for example, the June ACT and the September ACT). We recommend doing 5 sessions for the 1st test date and 3 sessions for the 2nd test date.

The tutoring also includes 2 group proctored exams, 1 before each test. The proctored exams are usually on Saturday morning, 1 week before the official test date. Your tutor can give you more details on the time, date, and location.

We pro-rate for students that want to do more or fewer sessions. Please speak to your local tutor about this if you’re interested, as there are certain risks involved.

Our average ACT score improvement is 3-3.5 points. Typical ACT score improvements are 2-5 points. Our average SAT score improvement is 120 points. Typical SAT score improvements are 80-200 points.

The location and scheduling are flexible and are arranged between the tutor and the client.

Group Courses and Free Events

Magnolia Prep often partners with other institutions, such as a school or a non-profit, to offer group courses for the ACT and the SAT. We also regularly offer free proctored exams and free workshops. If you are interested in a group course or free event, please contact your local Magnolia Prep tutor.

Customer Service Standards

We pride ourselves on great customer service. Here are some specific ways that we deliver great customer service:

  1. We return calls, texts and e-mails within 1 business day.
  2. We arrive on-time, dressed professionally.
  3. All tutors have a 32+ on the ACT or a 1450+ on the SAT.
  4. All tutors have a lesson plan and a homework plan for each session, which is then customized to the individual student or class.
  5. We are all background checked.
  6. We are kind and polite in all our interactions, especially when we are professionally obligated to deliver bad news.
  7. During the session, we check the old homework, teach the day’s lesson, and assign new homework. We take notes on all of this.
  8. Before we leave, we ask the student and parent if they have any questions.
  9. We e-mail session notes to the parent after each session. We update them on how their child did on the old homework and if they completed all of it, what we did during the session, and what new homework was assigned.
  10. We follow up with all students after each official test date to see how they scored. We use the students’ performance to adjust our lesson plans, homework assignments, and curriculum. We publish our students’ results on our website to hold ourselves accountable and to let potential clients know what results to expect.
  11. Tutors have a weekly 30-minute call with the owner to discuss their students. When the owner is in town, he shadows us.
  12. We aim for an average ACT score improvement of 3 points and an average SAT score improvement of 120 points.
  13. We update our curriculum yearly, to stay current with changes in the ACT, SAT, and PSAT, and to incorporate new lessons we learned from teaching that year.
  14. The owner, John Burford, regularly touches base with all parents to make sure everything is going well. Parents and students are welcome to call, text, or e-mail him at any time to seek a second opinion or to express a concern. The owner’s name is John Burford, his e-mail is, and his cell number is 318-230-8147.
  15. Like other elite test prep companies (Applerouth, Hammer Prep, Edison Prep, etc.), Magnolia Prep does not offer score guarantees or refunds for our services. We have a very successful track record and we strive to prepare students to the best of our ability, but it’s impossible to predict the outcome of a test ahead of time.

Getting Started

Before you pay, please contact your local tutor by phone or e-mail so that they can learn about the student and make a recommendation, and so you can arrange a schedule and location with them.

12-Hour Private Tutoring Package (Pay Up-Front)

$1,200.00Add to cart

12-Hour Private Tutoring Package (3-Month Payment Plan)

$410.00 / month for 3 monthsAdd to Cart

A La Carte 90-Minute Private Tutoring Session (Pay Up-Front)

$180.00Add to cart

A La Carte 90-Minute Private Tutoring Session (3-Month Payment Plan)

$60.00 / month for 3 monthsAdd to Cart

Lake Mary Prep Saturday Group Course (Pay Up-Front)

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Lake Mary Prep Saturday Group Course (3-Month Payment Plan)

$240.00 / month for 3 monthsAdd to Cart