Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

We offer private tutoring and group courses for the ACT, SAT, and PSAT.

What services do you not offer?

We don’t offer regular academic tutoring (geometry tutoring, French tutoring, etc.), graduate-level test prep (MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, etc.), or college admissions advising (help with college admissions essays, help with college applications, etc.). If you’re interested in these services, let us know and we can refer you to a specialist.

How are you better than other companies?

Our results are better and our customer service is better.

What are your results?

Our average ACT score improvement is 3-3.5 points, and our average SAT score improvement is 130 points. Typical ACT score improvements are 2-5 points, and typical SAT score improvements are 80-200 points. For more details, please see our “Past Results” page.

How is your customer service better?

Here are some specific ways that we deliver great customer service:

  1. We return calls, texts and e-mails within 1 business day.
  2. We arrive on-time, dressed professionally.
  3. All tutors have a 32+ on the ACT or a 1450+ on the SAT.
  4. All tutors have a lesson plan and a homework plan for each session, which is then customized to the individual student or class.
  5. We are all background checked.
  6. We are kind and polite in all our interactions, especially when we are professionally obligated to deliver bad news.
  7. During the session, we check the old homework, teach the day’s lesson, and assign new homework. We take notes on all of this.
  8. Before we leave, we ask the student and parent if they have any questions.
  9. We send follow-up e-mails to the parents after each session.
  10. We follow up with all students after each official test date to see how they scored. We use the students’ performance to adjust our curriculum, to hold ourselves accountable, and let future parents know what results to expect.
  11. Tutors have a weekly 30-minute call with the owner to discuss their students. When the owner is in town, he shadows us.
  12. We aim for an average ACT score improvement of 3 points and an average SAT score improvement of 120 points.
  13. We update our curriculum annually, to stay current with changes in the ACT, SAT, and PSAT, and to incorporate new lessons we learned from teaching that year.
  14. John Burford, the owner, regularly touches base with all parents to make sure everything is going well. Parents and students are welcome to call, text, or e-mail him at any time to seek a second opinion or to express a concern. The owner’s name is John Burford, his e-mail is, and his cell number is 318-230-8147.

Do you take checks?

No, we don’t take checks. All clients must pay online with a credit or debit card.

Where does the tutoring take place?

Private tutoring normally happens at the student’s home, although it sometimes happens at a local library. For our group courses, we normally partner with high schools and do the courses on-campus.

How is the tutoring scheduled?

Our private tutoring is 8 90-minute sessions, spread over 2 test dates. Students usually do 1 session per week. So an average student will start 5 weeks before their 1st ACT/SAT and do 1 session per week, take the test and have a little break afterwards, and then start back 3 weeks before their 2nd ACT/SAT and do 1 session per week.

Our tutoring is very flexible, which is one of the main reasons why parents and students like it. Tutors have a selection of tutoring slots to choose from and e-mail clients their availability, and students just choose the ones they want. If they want to re-schedule, they just write their name in a new slot.

For our group courses, please consult the schedules you have received.

Do you pro-rate?

Yes, we do pro-rate for students who want to do more or fewer sessions.

We normally recommend against doing fewer than 8 sessions except in certain cases because the results aren’t as good. Please talk to your tutor if you are interested in doing this.

It’s common for students to decide to do a 3rd test date and do roughly 3 extra sessions to go up another 1-2 ACT points or another 50 SAT points. Please talk to your tutor if you are interested in doing this.

Should I do ACT or SAT?

We tutor for both and have good results for both. If you don’t care, we recommend the ACT because preparing for it is more straightforward. We do not recommend preparing for both at the same time.

If you would like to prepare for both the ACT and SAT, you’ll need to do a few extra sessions and prepare for just one test at the beginning, because preparing for both ACT and SAT takes more time and is confusing if you try to learn both at the same time.

Can you provide references?

Yes, please talk to your tutor about this. You can see a list of some of our past students and their improvements on our “Past Results” page.


12-Hour Private Tutoring Package (Pay Up-Front)

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12-Hour Private Tutoring Package (3-Month Payment Plan)

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A La Carte 90-Minute Private Tutoring Session (Pay Up-Front)

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A La Carte 90-Minute Private Tutoring Session (3-Month Payment Plan)

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Forest Lake Academy Spring 2019 Thursday ACT Course (Pay Up-Front)

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Forest Lake Academy Spring 2019 Thursday ACT Course (3-Month Payment Plan)

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Forest Lake Academy Spring 2019 Tuesday ACT Course (Pay Up-Front)

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Forest Lake Academy Spring 2019 Tuesday ACT Course (3-Month Payment Plan)

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